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Our Story

The Electric Ladies Project was born out of the power of female friendship.

ELP radiates a vibrant energy.  The same energy you might have felt as a girl child when everything was still possible.  We want to share this spark with you. Grab a hand and jump into the pool of creativity available to us all.

Your Voice.  Your Story. 

Join us won’t you? Become a part of the Electric Ladies Project! 

Electric Ladies Project is an innovative 

that celebrates female energy through unique offerings. 

Our mission is to create a safe and open space where women can express themselves freely, engage with one another, and create meaningful conversations.

At Electric Ladies Project, we believe that the arts - visual, textile and literary - are powerful tools that inspire, and bond us together. We value creativity, honesty and collaboration. 


Unearth your power, connect to its energy 

find belonging.

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