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Electric Ladies Project is an innovative art space that celebrates female energy through our unique offerings.  Our mission is to create an open space where women can express themselves freely, engage with one another, and have meaningful conversations. 

At Electric Ladies Project, we believe that the arts - visual, textile and literary - are powerful tools that can lead to greater connection to yourself. 

Your Voice.  Your Story.  

I spent the afternoon in an inspiring location surrounded by nature and enveloped in care and creativity at a Found Poetry class with the Electric Ladies Project. I did not expect to walk away with a new definition of self, with a spark that would have me pulling out markers to dive back in right away.  The joy and inspiration carried through well beyond class hours.  

Ellen, Lisa and Pam were engaging, thoughtful, and kind. I highly recommend you spend a few hours with these women, you will walk away inspired.

~ Jen P. 
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